Secondary Market Sales

Darrow Contemporary is constantly in touch with our broad network of dealers, collectors, auction house specialists, and gallerists ensuring an advantageous position from which to broker the private transaction of important works of art from the 20th and 21st Century. We have had great success in tracking down specific types of work--and even specific works--for collectors and institutions. We begin with a research-based method to determine where works are likely to be and then use our intimate knowledge of the market to determine value and then negotiate on behalf of our client.

Drawing on the same vast network of professionals and connoisseurs, as well as our years of experience, we also able to discreetly sell works of art on behalf of collectors. We utilize a similar process to determine likely targets for private sales, in conjunction with in-depth discussions with the seller to mutually determine the highest price that that the market can support.

No matter if we are representing a buyer or seller, Darrow Contemporary is committed to full transparency and rigorous confidentiality on behalf of our clients.